European Numerical Mathematics and
Advanced Applications Conference 2019
30th sep - 4th okt 2019, Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands

Parallel session
Each conference room is fully equiped with computer and projector and it is not allowed to use your own laptop. All laptops are installed with the latest versions of the used programs.

Each presentation is 25 minutes per speaker (including questions and discussion). All presentations should be given in English.

There will be no time to upload your presentation during the session. You can therefore upload your presentation in the morning before the 1st sessions and in the break/lunch before your session. Please be on time and do not forget to inform your session chair about your presence. We would really appreciate your presence during the complete session, so we can reschedule in case of no shows of other presenters. 
Pre-registration is possible on Sunday, September 29,  from 17.00 until 19-00 at the conference desk in Zuiderduin Hotel and on all five conference days.